Lotto Magic System Review.
By Kerry McNally

What other {opportunity in the world gives you the chance to earn $8,000 a month
and can also make you an instant millionaire, even if you do absolutely nothing
more than joing up 5 new members?

All you have to do is refer two people to Lotto Magic and you will be playing the
Florida Lottery for FREE! Everyone else after that and you can make some really
good money playing the lottery, even if you never win!
Many people from all over the world play the Florida Lottery, and this has got to be
the cleverest way of doing so. Alice, a retired 67 year old woman from Ohio is doing it. So are many others and you can be next! Whether you want to earn an extra $400 per month, or an extra $4,000 Lotto Magic can make it happen. Don’t forget, the more you actually earn (even if you don’t win anything in the lottery) the better your chances of actually hitting a jackpot, since you get $23 per month for everyone you refer and an additional $2 per month for every single person in your group through five levels, even if someone else enrolled them! You are also playing on all of these lottery tickets and will receive ten percent of any

Think about this: If you started with 5 people, and everyone did the same thing,
through five levels, your group would have 3,905 people. That’s a total commission
of $7,910 each month, and with a minimum of 8 drawings per month, you would be
playing on 31,248 lottery tickets! No lottery pool in existence today can have you
playing on that many tickets (or even more) for just $50 per month and still payout
ten percent of the jackpot!

Many people worry about finding others who would be interested in a program like
Lotto Magic, or think that finding them on a consistent basis is something that’s
hard to do. In fact, that’s the number one reason people fail in most home-based
businesses. Lotto Magic has circumvented this problem by developing several
systems you can use right now to start growing a monthly check. Hitting a lotto
jackpot would be gravy!

What you need to understand is that only a small percentage of the population is
like you and I, driven to make money. Telling other people you are in contact with
about opportunities like Lotto Magic may produce short-term results, but two things
will eventually happen: Not everyone (in fact most) people you talk to simply will not
be interested, and eventually you will run out of people to talk to. But still, just find two
others out of everyone you know, and you will be playing every drawing in the Florida
Lottery for FREE, FOREVER!

Imagine if you had an endless supply of people to contact, and not only that, these
people would more than likely be interested in Lotto Magic because they have
expressed interest in other money-making programs – that is, they are like you and I,
driven to succeed! Better yet, what if all you had to do was “break the ice” by mailing
a letter and Lotto Magic did the rest?

Now if you’re questioning whether or not the system works, think about this: How did
you find out about Lotto Magic? What if you can tap into the very same system I’m
using to find others like us? Not only that, what if you had the full support of a company
behind you to provide you with all the tools you will ever need to introduce Lotto Magic
to others?

The system is fail-proof and hundreds of people are using in Lotto Magic today. Every
little element has been tested and works. We know which mailing lists are responsive.
We know which letters work. And, there is even an automated follow-up system in place
working for you to maximize potential Lotto Magic signups.

Perhaps you are still undecided because you are worried about finding enough people
to introduce Lotto magic to. This is a valid concern, and it’s the number one reason
people do not succeed in referral type home-based businesses or direct mail.
Poor lists and fraudulent opportunities are the others for direct mail.

Please consider this: The American population is close to 300 million people. Out of that, only about three percent are like you and I, driven to make extra money from home. That’s about 9 million people. Far more than that many play the lottery each week, but even so, 9 million people like us is a huge audience and Lotto Magic has tapped into less than 10,000 of them! Do you see the potential here?

To make it even easier, Lotto Magic has access to premium lists of people like us.
These are not the junk names you see advertised in magazines, but real responsive lists
from the country’s best brokers. When you join my Lotto Magic team, if you want to recruit
people like I do, by direct mail, you will have access to these lists and all the materials
necessary to build your team. In fact, Lotto Magic even has a co-op system where they do
everything for you and you get the credit for people who join!

You are reading this and no one has done anything terribly difficult to find you and tell you about Lotto Magic, right? That only proves my point that the system works. You too can plug into this and reap huge rewards. How do you picture yourself with an extra $400 coming in per month? What about $8,000?

Who knows, you may even become a millionaire next month, and no other opportunity in
the world can give you that guarantee!  Further information can be obtained from the link in the resource box. This article may be freely reproduced and distributed so long as it is left intact and the author’s resource box is included.

The author is a computer programmer living in Sydney, Australia. To find out more and to get a free online marketing kit go to:

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